Thursday, July 24, 2014

Episode 5 - Protestants and Liberal Politics in 20th Century America with Gene Zubovich

Protestants and Liberal Politics in 20th Century America (Gene Zubovich)

This week we talk with Gene Zubovich to discuss religion and politics in America, but from an angle you don't hear quite so often: inter-denominational Protestant groups organizing for social change, economic justice, and liberal politics in the decades surrounding World War II. If you've ever wondered how we got from churches organizing protests for 'leftist' causes to the extreme conservatism of the later Culture Wars, Gene offers some fascinating insights.

Gene Zubovich is a sixth year graduate student at UC Berkeley, whose research focuses on modern American liberalism. His dissertation, entitled “The Global Gospel: Protestant Internationalism and American Liberalism, 1940-1960,” was completed in May 2014. His dissertation explores the role of religion in the rise of American liberalism in the twentieth century.

Interviewer: Douglas O'Reagan
Runtime: 42:08